Kaebl, musician, admin of the Wave Cave Facebook page and editor of the Wave TV blog, discovered Logan Presley (AKA Organelle Spy) through the Wave Cave and listened to an album he released just a day before. He reviewed it in real time, here are his thoughts on the album.


There’s so many talented, undiscovered artists out there.  Through groups like the Wave Cave, you can find a lot of them. Some of them want to ask other artists for advice, others want to get there stuff out there. Some just do it for fun.  In either case, the Wave Cave exists for networking between artists, and getting undiscovered artists of any level more exposure.

Logan Presley is one of those artists. Age 23, from Valley Springs, Arkansas, he started his project as Organelle Spy (an anagram of his own name) in early 2016. An experimental vapor/vaportrap artist, he started gaining interest in the genre after his cousin Cody Troglin (PZA) introduced him to it sometime last year. His favorite artists include PZA, Taffy Fang, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound, ODB, early Ducktails, Balam Acab, and Noah Lennox.

Phosphenes is Organelle Spy’s 9th album, available on bandcamp.

Now… Onto the review!


On the whole : The use of delay has been very prevalent in this album giving it a very cohesive feel. There’s a lot of use of rhythmic breaks and Organelle Spy’s selections of sounds and samples are great. The hi-hats in most of the tracks is kinda static, I felt as if there could have been a change in panning, velocity or filter to make it more dynamic. The tracks lead into each other very well, creating a sort of wave of tempos, from slow to fast and fast to slow. There were a couple strange sounding leads and samples that didn’t seem to fit at first but then I realized that they serve as counterpoint to create a unsettling feel like “What am I doing in an abandoned mall?”. Overall I’d give it a 8/10. Favorite Track: Rosemary Mint

Lobby — the sample he uses is very calm and when the vox comes in it reminds of a track from Hotline Hiami. It has several parts, good progressions and transitions.

Jacuzzi — is very ambient and chill, the phaser creates a very watery effect when combined with the leads and hi-hats reminiscent of jets in a hot tub so the name is apt. The vocal sample near the end is very cool– the ending itself catches me off guard in a good way.

Espresso — this track utilizes a very cool technique with the rim hit that reminds of Macintosh Plus. The drop into the vocal sample is dissonant and kind of scary — possibly representing the effects of caffeine; it kind of fades back into harmony while still being subtly dissonant. The break up of rhythm afterwards is refreshing and I really like the glitch reverse cymbals after that — refreshing break from the hi hats.

Dark Chocolate — very cool chill pure tone lead part in the beginning, after a jarring transition the guitar sample is very relaxing. There’s a couple of breaks in rhythm and interesting percussion part that sounds fairly unique.

Blacklight — this one is metallic and whispery, with ambient undertones in the beginning, much slower temp then the rest which is a nice change in tone for the album at the beginning of its second half. The heavy portmanto lead in the beginning sounds goofy in a good way, like being stoned and jumping from cloud to cloud ala Mario World 3. The delay effect and rises create a tension that battles the relaxing feel creating a strange emotional sensation.

Bad Trip — I’ve had a bad trip once, this embodies one fairly well. It’s starts of with an rhythm that’s displaced and more elements come in — its a very much an intentionally unsettling effect. IT reaches a climax than resolves its way down signifying the end of delusions and hallucination.

Rosemary Mint — Very euphoric and uplifting, a good contrast from the last track. The sub bass sounds fucking wonderful; it transitions from chill to badass back to chill.

Light Mist — the vocal samples and sine lead are very trippy, and the ambience of the album reaches it’s climatic conclusion. Evokes heavy waves. Some vibrato chip leads come in that don’t really seem to fit the rest of the track, like maybe you’ve gone too far from shore, but later it goes back to relaxing waves like you’ve decided you no longer give a fuck. Organelle Spy saved his best for last.


Support artists like Organelle Spy, get Phosphenes today!


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