Kendall Sandhop (member of Brothercom), founder and manager of Wave TV, had a pretty a e s t h e t i c chat with Cody Troglin, AKA the incredibly prolific and talented artist, PZA. This marks the 7th interview in an ongoing series of artist to artist interviews hosted by Wave TV.

What is your favorite Pokémon?

Alakazaam or Snorlax tough call

How did you first hear about vaporwave?

When I first heard vaporwave it was in around 2010 on gorillavsbear they had a James Ferraro mix and I listened and was like whoa I need more.

Does the genre of p i z z a w a v e include other artists, or is it exclusive to your music?

Pizzawave is open to anyone who wants to claim the genre. I created it so obviously I need to keep evolving the sound.

You were producing other types of music before you invented p i z z a w a v e , right? Give us a little bit more on your musical background.

I was super into Slowdive/Ride/MBV just shoegaze with elements of pavement and Mac Demarco but I started out making hardcore music in high school HxC

What are your thoughts on Spotify potentially purchasing SoundCloud?

Fucking do it, it’s all capitalism… so it’s expected that $ will ruin something good.

How long do you typically spend making each of your tracks?

The longest I spent on a song was 2 days no sleep just depressed and lonely the fastest was about 10 hours

How many different record labels are you on now?

No idea I’ve lost count at this point.

I have your album Purecaster on tape and I think it’s a great piece of work. How many physical cassette tapes have you put out so far?

11 or so there’s more coming out but I don’t want to commit on it until it’s ready to be released.

They say  v a p o r w a v e is dead. What do you think about that?

I don’t think vaporwave is dead. I think it’s evolving more and more. I mean with releases coming out from King Quartz, Christtt, Balents, Sea of Dogs, Nmesh, Telepath, Persyn, HKE, I mean I could keep going and going. Because look at the scene it’s only evolving into even greater sound than where it started.

You flood everyone’s feed with memes on the daily. How much time would you say that you spend on Facebook every day, just reposting memes?

I spend about 3 hours online just posting through all the pages I follow. I love comedy and memes are a great window to laugh instead of just totally being in bed crying wishing I had a cool dog or something. Shoutout to animals because they rule.

Let’s have your top 5 favorite musical artists at the moment, any genre (besides v a p o r w a v e ).

Slowdive/Mac Demarco/The beach boys/GG Allen/Ride

Ok now let’s hear your top 5  v a p o r w a v e and/or synthwave producers.

KING QUARTZ/ PERSYN/ VHS DREAMS / SEA OF DOGS / BALENTS (all seriously close pals of mine)

What is the future of v a p o r w a v e?

More new fascinating tones and more experimentation with sound and probably just pizza everyday.

Check out PZA on bandcamp and soundcloud today!


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