PADDY: “If you wanna be good in something, practice. If you wanna do something properly, you have to practice 10,000 hours.”

MARK: Who does not prefer to see a cool show instead of staying all alone at home, bored to death?

Tim Waves, Brazilian illustrator, graphic designer, music producer (Miragem23) and associate of Wave TV and the Wave Cave had  a chat with two of the members of one of the most unique and exciting groups to emerge from the scene: Mark and Paddy of POWERNERD. Together they mused about how synthwave is evolving and what sort of inspiration it takes to fuse rock and synthwave together. This is the fifth interview hosted by WAVE TV in a series of artist to artist interviews with talented, undiscovered artists.


Hi! Tim Waves here AKA (Miragem23) for Wave TV!

Synthwave is a movement in ascent, and this is not new for us that, in some level, are tuned on the scene. We are seeing, increasingly, the influence of this movement in the mainstream media. But today, the power of this scene is not in mainstream, but right here (where?) in the internet underground, place of the best (and worst) artists of the universe since 3082. Speaking of power, today you can check a talk that I had with Paddy, producer and songwriter on studio and bass player/singer on live performances of POWERNERD, one of the best synthwave bands (yes, band!) right now!

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